Selling your home can sometimes mean making it as desirable as possible. To you, your house is already your home, imperfections and everything! But to any potential buyers, they need to envision themselves living there, so sprucing up your home is a good way to make it the best it can be before it’s listed.

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How do you get your house ready to sell?

Cleaning your home is an obvious necessity. However, your real estate agent may recommend even more. Decluttering is helpful to present your home in its best light. Whether your place is small or large, moving excess belongings into storage may make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Activities like this that create an inviting space are often referred to as ‘staging’ and are something your real estate agent can advise you on. Staging allows people to see how much can be done with the home between space, style, and character, and putting your best foot forward is always the goal.

Also think about your home’s curb appeal. Maybe updating some landscaping, touching up any exterior paint, or even something as simple as a new mailbox or front porch light can help. Same goes for the inside, Updating anything dated to something more fresh can go a long way in impressing anyone walking through your home looking to buy. Once your home is in tip-top shape both inside and out, your real estate agent should hire a professional photographer to take photos for the listing.