You’ve done every step up to this point, it’s time to officially list your home! This is an exciting part of selling a home. It’s where all your hard work and strategizing with your Realtor comes to fruition. It can also be a bit of a rest from everything you’ve been working on. So sit back, get it listed, and let the showings commence!

How do you list your home for sale?

Your agent has probably been a big help with everything else you’ve done to prepare and this step is no different. Most agents know exactly what to do to list your home for sale and can help do it as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Once you list your home, get ready to show off all the hard work you’ve done to get it ready… it’s for show time!

While data from the National Association of Realtors shows that about 52 percent of homebuyers find their home online. The majority of those people want to view that home in person before they make an offer. This visit is known as a showing and is generally coordinated by the buyer’s agent with your listing agent. This is going to mean that there will be a constant flow of visitors through your house. Though showings may feel like an inconvenience while you’re still living in the home, they are an unavoidable part of the selling process. You can make the experience less stressful by requesting a few hours’ notice prior to the showings when possible. This period is only temporary and the more potential buyers who come through your front door, the shorter the time on the market.

If you’ve followed the advice of your Realtor and made sure your place is staged, updated and ready sell, those visitors may be impressed enough to put in an offer.