While it would be lovely if you could just snap your fingers and sell your home, the truth is that months are typically required between deciding to sell and closing day. For example, once you’ve found a real estate agent, you must prepare your property for listing. This takes time.

How long does it take to sell your house?

This can vary depending on a number of factors. When do you need to sell? How long will it take to get your house to market? Have a serious conversation with your listing agent about a timeline. let them know your thoughts on when you would like to be out. Do you have a new job coming up that requires you to be moved by a certain date? Do you want to start looking for a new home within the next few months? This conversation should be very honest so that your Realtor knows exactly what your needs are.

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You should also take this opportunity to discuss the agent’s process and timeline as well. Ask questions about how long they usually take to get a house to market. What are their average times for how long their listings stay on the market. Honest conversations like this can keep everyone on track and the process of selling your house running as smooth as possible.