What do you think your home is worth? Your answer really doesn’t matter. Why? Because any property is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. This means you need to set aside all of your sentimental memories and the emotions attached to them when deciding on a listing price. Fortunately, your real estate agent will help you do so. 

How do you price your home for sale?

Your listing agent will  run a comparative market analysis report that will contain data on similar homes in your neighborhood that are currently for sale or have sold in recent months. This information will provide the best indication of what current buyers are likely to pay for your home and enable you to avoid overpricing the property.

How do you get the best price for your house?

Overpricing is the biggest mistake homeowners make. If you’ve overpriced your home, it can sit on the market for an extended period. Then you will have to begin lowering the price to chase the market. Buyers interpret this as desperation and will more than likely ask for deep discounts on top of the already lowered price.