House Hunting? Start With a Good Realtor, and the Mortgage Calculator Georgia Residents Prefer

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, getting a good broker and lender is equally important to getting a good realtor. You will spend a lot of time with this person, viewing properties and attending open houses. On average, first-time home buyers view eight to nine homes before deciding. 

This number can fluctuate based on inventory, individual preferences, and market conditions. But it’s not just about a personality match, though that is important. What else does a good realtor bring to the table, and how can you spot a bad one before it’s too late? 

From a working knowledge of mortgage rates in Georgia to masterful negotiation skills, here’s what you should look for when choosing this significant partner in the home-buying process.

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What to Look for In a Good Realtor

Finding a realtor (and a lender) is a lot like dating—you’ve got to see what’s out there, test your chemistry, and ask the right questions to uncover whether or not the person is a good fit. But there are a few essential qualities that will help you qualify your options:

  • Experience and Local Market Knowledge: An experienced realtor with in-depth local market knowledge can be invaluable. They should understand property values and neighborhood trends and have a track record of successful transactions in the area you’re interested in​​​​.
  • Designation for Your Needs: A listing agent, also known as a seller’s agent, represents the seller in a real estate transaction, focusing on marketing the property, negotiating the best selling price, and facilitating the sale process. On the other hand, a buyer’s agent represents the interests of the buyer, helping to find suitable properties, negotiating purchase terms, and guiding the buyer through the buying process. Each agent’s fiduciary responsibility is to their respective clients, so make sure whoever you choose is prioritizing your best interests.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial. Your realtor should be able to articulate clearly, listen to your needs, and keep you informed throughout the process. They should match your communication style and readily address your concerns​​.
  • References and Reputation: Good references from past clients can provide insights into a realtor’s work ethic, success rate, and how they interact with clients. While positive word-of-mouth is encouraging, their professional capabilities’ alignment with your needs ​​is essential.
  • Negotiation Skills: A good realtor should be able to advocate on your behalf to secure the best terms and prices. They should be creative in finding solutions and assertive in pursuing your interests​​. Many have strong relationships with lenders like the Moreira Team and can work with them to get the best mortgage rates in Georgia.
  • Adaptability: In today’s digital age, adapting to virtual viewings and effectively utilizing online resources (like the digital mortgage calculator Georgia residents prefer) can significantly enhance your property search or sale process. Ensure your realtor is comfortable with and capable of employing modern technology to meet your viewing needs​​.
  • Fees and Contracts: Understand the fee structure and ensure it’s reasonable for the services provided. Commission fees are standard, but they should be transparent about all costs involved. Be wary of an overly pushy realtor, as this could indicate they’re more interested in their commission than your best interests​​.

How to Find a Realtor Who’s Connected to the Best Mortgage Rates in Georgia

Once you understand the skills and qualities to look for in a good realtor, the hard part is finding them. There are over 3 million active real estate licensees in the United States, according to estimates from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). That’s a lot of resumes to review. Who has the time for that? 

Instead of playing the guessing game, try these tactics to land someone who fits your needs:

  1. Talk to Your Lender! This is often times the best option! Lenders like the Moreira Team complete hundreds of different transactions a year. Depending on the area you live in, they’re likely to have a recommendation for not only the most popular realtors but also popular tools like the mortgage calculator Georgia residents favor.
  2. Seek Personal Referrals. Go to the people you trust—referrals from friends, family, or colleagues can be incredibly helpful. You’ll get candid feedback and details about their experiences with a particular realtor, which can be far more reliable than online reviews​​.
  3. Do your Googling. This is kind of a no-brainer in today’s world, but using the internet to research potential realtors in your local market reveals active realtors or brokerages in your area with a strong presence. Social media and professional websites can be excellent resources to learn more about their career and achievements​​.
  4. Read Client Reviews. Client reviews can provide valuable insights into a realtor’s working style, strengths, and potential areas for improvement. These reviews can be found on the realtor’s website, social media platforms, or by directly requesting them from the realtor​​.
  5. Conduct Interviews. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s crucial to interview potential realtors. Prepare questions to understand their buying or selling approach, communication methods, professional history, and how they charge for their services. Comparing responses from different realtors can help you choose the best fit for your needs​​.
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How a Realtor Affects the Home-Buying Process

The home-buying process is just that—a process. And though it can be very emotional for the homebuyers themselves, it shouldn’t be for the realtor. As the saying goes, this isn’t their first rodeo, so you want to look for a realtor who’s had lots of transactions because transactions equal experience, and experience equals confidence. 

Of course, your realtor shouldn’t be a robot. Empathy is crucial, enabling them to understand and relate to your feelings and perspectives. However, the real estate process involves numerous emotional decisions for buyers and sellers, making it essential for realtors to help you navigate these emotions without adding their own to the mix. 

Between navigating financing contingency dates and time-based appraisals to conducting hardline negotiations, things are stressful enough. You want a realtor who handles each situation gracefully and easily—keeping the stressors at bay and away from you.

The Best-Kept Secret to Finding the Best Realtor

The great news for your realtor search is that you already have a “secret weapon” at your disposal—your lender. Lenders like the Moreira Team are deeply entrenched in the real estate ecosystem, constantly collaborating with a wide array of realtors on various transactions. 

This unique vantage point allows them to discern who among them are truly exceptional in their field, based on efficiency, negotiation skills, and the ability to close deals smoothly. They witness firsthand which realtors go above and beyond to ensure clients are satisfied and transactions are seamless. So, leveraging your lender’s insight and network is like the ultimate cheat code, providing you a direct path to realtors who are not only competent but are proven to align with your specific needs and circumstances. You’re welcome.

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The Mortgage Calculator Georgia Homebuyers Can’t Get Enough Of 

Finding a good realtor is a top priority when successfully buying or selling a home. But some other tools and resources can help you along the way. An online mortgage calculator is incredibly useful in home buying. It enables you to estimate potential monthly mortgage payments, factoring in variables like loan amount, interest rate, and term length. 

Check out the Moreira Team’s tool to easily assess affordability, compare different loan scenarios, and plan your finances effectively so you can make informed decisions at every step. And with great mortgage rates in Georgia, now’s the perfect time to get a quote and begin the exciting journey toward homeownership.