Case Study #6 – 100% Financed, VA Purchase Loan

Working with The Moreira Team, specifically Alvaro, was the best decision we made in our home buying process. We used the VA loan and decided to go with a local mortgage company over the usual lender's people use when using a VA loan. They made the process seamless and straightforward. They answered every question and went above and beyond to ensure we would get our house. We found the house we wanted and closed 5 weeks later. If you are looking for a lender, do not hesitate to use The Moreira Team. I promise you, you will not regret it! 

Jocelin J.Jocelin J.

The Client

Our client came to us wanting to purchase a home with 100% financing.

  • Loan Type – Purchase 
  • Program – VA  
  • Sales Price – $410,000 
  • Rate – 3.25% 
  • Required Down Payment – 0%  
  • Payment – $2,149 

Client Requirement

The client was looking to take advantage of her VA entitlement and purchase new home using 100% financing. She needed to sell her existing home and purchase new home simultaneously. She wanted to move only once, from her old home to her new home without having to rent in between. She was looking for a broker to partner with that could offer competitive rates and had prior experience working veterans.

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Loan Challenges

The main hurdle to overcome on this loan was getting the client approved the same day she contacted us. They wanted to make an offer right away on their dream home. They also had to quickly list their current home and find a buyer. This would free them up to purchase their new home.

The Challenges

  • Find the perfect home and make an offer quickly.
  • Secure financing fast and provide a pre-approval letter in less than 24hrs.
  • Sell one home and purchase a new one simultaneously on the same day so her family only had to move once. 
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Our Solution

We were able to secure 100% financing through the VA program and found a very competitive rate after shopping the loan with our 26 lenders. This kept her payment low and within her budget all without mortgage insurance. After working closely with her Realtor, we were able to go under contract quickly and got a 3% seller contribution to cover her closing costs.

The Results

We were able to get our veteran client into their dream home at almost no out-pocket-expense to them. We were able to team up with the right people and time everything perfectly to get her out of her old house and into her new one in one move. All this took just over a month!

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  • Client purchase the perfect home at the right price. 
  • We were able to secure 100% financing.
  • The seller paid for all the veterans closing costs so there was little out of pocket expense.
  • Working with the same attorney and timing everything perfectly, our client sold one house and purchased new on the same day. 
  • We closed in 35 days from contract date. 
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