Florida Mortgage Videos



Whether you are buying your fist home, second home, vacation house or an investment property, the whole process is bound to make an exciting and emotional journey. That is even truer for Florida homebuyers what with the ever-active and vast real estate market the state is known for. Plus the state is one of the best when it comes to offering quality housing, amazing weather, investment opportunities and a good lifestyle.


Which is why you might be very psyched up to buy a home here. But amidst all the thrill and emotional rollercoaster, it is important not to get carried away and end up being less objective. One way of ensuring that is by having handy tutorial videos. Moreira Team has a great collection of Florida mortgage videos that will help you through the whole process.


Our videos start from the beginning; the planning phase. We help you determine your house needs. Do you need more room because of family size? Perhaps you need to relocate because of work commitment? Or you simply love Florida and want to own a home here? After that, we delve on matters location. How do you choose the best neighborhood in Florida? How does location affect the quality of your home and its price? There’s a ton of information to know about choosing the best location for your home. Be sure to check out the videos.


We also have videos of comprehensive financial guides. How much house can you afford in Florida? Remember that it’s more than just the buying price of the house. There are other financial obligations too, like monthly payments (for principal, interest, tax, and insurance) and closing costs. Once you have known the financial implications, you may go ahead and start doing the actual purchase. That is where you may need help from third parties like realtors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, closing attorneys and others. How do you go about choosing these parties? We have it all covered in our Florida mortgage videos.


And of course, there is the biggest part of the whole process – the actual purchase. There are so many things involved, top of the list is choosing a lender and loan type. Then you will have to apply for the loan. If approved, you will then make an offer, do the purchase and proceed to closing. All these things may sound complicated, but they won’t be any more thanks to our Florida mortgage videos.



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