Home Buying Questions that Need Asking

If you have home buying questions (and you should always have questions when buying a house), the focus should be on potential problems and maintenance issues.

What Questions Should You Ask a Seller Before Buying a House?

Does anything need to be replaced? What things require ongoing maintenance like paint, roof, heating and AC, appliances and carpet?

  • When was the house built?
  • How old is the roof? The A.C.?
  • Has the home ever had any major repairs?
  • Etc.

When buying a house, also ask about the property and neighborhood focusing on the living quality in the area.

  • Is the neighborhood noisy?
  • Is it friendly?
  • How are the schools in the neighborhood?
  • What are the property taxes in the area?
  • Etc.

Be sure the home seller’s or real estate agent’s answers are clear and complete. Ask questions until you understand all of the information they’ve given.

Making a list of questions ahead of time will help you organize your thoughts and arrange all of the information you receive.

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