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Jensen Beach

Visit the Jensen Beach recreational area when you are in the City of Port St. Lucie. Travel under the welcome arch and find your favorite spot along the ocean. Enjoy the waves as they crash into the shoreline or watch the birds as they fly along.

Travel inland around the area to see the beautiful rural community that surrounds the beach. See the old church buildings, community shops and other spots that make it a quaint space around Port St. Lucie, FL. Many buildings in the region date back to the early twentieth century.

Look for numerous white sand beaches and bring a volleyball net and ball with you or rent a set from a charter in the region. Jensen Beach is heralded for having some of the best spaces for beach volleyball.

Visit the local turtle habitats around the Port St. Lucie, Florida beach area. Many of these habitats have been fully protected and secured to ensure turtles in the area can migrate and breed. Look for the loggerhead and leather back turtles around the region.

Enjoy pineapples while at the beach area. Pineapple farms have sprouted up around the area over the past few generations. Visit the annual Pineapple Festival that celebrates this special tropical fruit.