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Hialeah Park Race Track

See the ponies run at the Hialeah Park Race Track. This is a historic horse racing track that hosts live racing events at many points in the year in the City of Hialeah. Watch quarter horse racing events during the winter season. Bet on your favorites as horses run short distances in as little time as possible.

Head to the main club house where a number of betting activities take place. This beautiful house in Hialeah, Florida has been carefully restored over the years.

Make sure you put in your bets before each race. The track has various betting stations all around and concession stands where you can enjoy fine drinks in between races.

Look for the flamingos that congregate around this part of Hialeah, FL. The park is a secure and protected flamingo habitat.

Check out the off-track betting center during the offseason. The center offers all sorts of races from different parts of the country available for betting. Take in a few drinks or light concessions in between each race at the off-track betting spot or take advantage of different betting contests held during all seasons. Enjoy some time at the casino featuring slots and table games of all sorts.