Switching Mortgage Lenders in Georgia



Did you know that you as a borrower can change mortgage lenders if you are unhappy with your existing lender? Not many people are aware of this, and tend to tolerate and continue renewing their mortgages with the same provider even when they’re not happy. Now keep in mind, it will take some work to make the change, but it could also make all the difference.

One reason for switching mortgage lenders in Georgia is the lack of transparency.  When you’re left with delays in their providing vital information to you, not giving answers to your questions, their poor or unorganized behavior or if you notice that the lender just doesn’t seem to give right and straightforward answers to your questions about the mortgage fees and other charges.

Another popular reason for borrowers changing lenders is a long wait time. While it’s true that the mortgage process is a long and tedious one, sometimes different factors like doubt and apprehension tend to creep in if this wait time is longer than necessary, which in turn makes you think about switching lenders.

No matter what the reason may be for changing lenders, we at Moreira Team can help you make the switch. So if you are unhappy with your current mortgage provider and are considering changing lenders, but are not sure if it’s the right thing to do, let us review your policy and present you with options.

All you have to do is call us about 3 months before your mortgage’s maturity date, and we will help you decide after you take a look at the various loan options in the market.  It’s a buyer’s market, and we will work to make sure you’re getting the very best.


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