Financial Aid Mortgage Scholarship in Georgia


If you are a homeowner in Georgia and are struggling to meet your mortgage payments, we may be able to help. Find out more here, but first, let’s look at the reason why mortgage assistance is a lifesaver for many in Georgia’s real estate market and how you can be among them.

Although owning your own home in Georgia is a great idea, maintaining it can be a whole different thing. Statistics show that Georgia mortgage holders spend an average of $1,126 per month on housing costs. That is actually high and is comparable to what mortgage holders in high-cost states pay. Which explains why up to 31.1% of Georgia mortgage holders spend in excess of 30% of their monthly income on mortgage-related costs.

When times get hard (and they do), that value (30%) increases dramatically. You may find it hard to meet your monthly payments. Even so, Moreira Team can help you avoid foreclosure no matter how bad the situation is. We are well-aware of the many mortgage assistance programs in Georgia, most of which are designed for existing homeowners with financial difficulty. Contact us today, and we will assign an expert to your case. Once they evaluate your situation, they will tell you which assistance program suits you best and how you can qualify for it or feel free to apply for our company sponsored scholarship.

Additionally, we also help first-time buyers to get down payment assistance. Our staff works with buyers who are interested in purchasing homes in Georgia to ensure that they get down payment assistance. That is definitely the first step towards easing the mortgage repayment burden. So talk to us today, and we will get you the best financial aid mortgage scholarship in Georgia.


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