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Fort Matanzas

See the old fort outside Palm Coast, Florida that shares its name with a key river that flows on the eastern end of the city. Head up to Fort Matanzas right on the shores of that river. This eighteenth century Spanish fort predates the American Revolution. It is situated along a large salt marsh area.

Tour the many facades of the building. Look at the carefully organized stone construction of the building and how it has been established with full functionality in mind.

Head to some of the towers around the corners of the fort. These towers were important watch spaces for Spanish troops. Take in a few beautiful shots of the City of Palm Coast from up on these towers.

Wade around the salt marsh spaces around the Palm Coast, FL fort. Travel across the marshes to a few of the barrier islands nearby. Many of these islands are not accessible by car and have been carefully preserved with many natural wildlife habitats all around.

Learn more about the fort at the visitors’ center. This early twentieth century building has been used as a headquarters for the restoration project to keep the fort intact.