Florida Switching Mortgage



If you are a Florida homeowner with a mortgage, it is wise to review your mortgage lender every once in a while. Examine your mortgage rates and terms and compare them with what other borrowers are getting from other lenders. If you think you are getting a raw deal, you can consider switching lenders. In fact, it may be advisable to do so sooner rather than later if you want to enjoy a better product, lower rates, and favorable terms. And it is easier than you might think. If you took out your current Florida mortgage from us and are unhappy with the lender, simply contact us and we will switch the lender for you.


What does it entail? Simply put, you will get a new lender. The terms and rates of your current mortgage will change for the better. In Florida switching mortgage lenders comes with even more benefits. Most of them usually offer incentives for homeowners looking to switch. It is common to see deals with free valuation and waived or reimbursed fees. But your current lender might have some penalty fees for those who want to switch, and that is worth consideration. If you want to know whether it makes financial sense to change your lender please talk to us, and our experts will review your mortgage for you.


Remember that you can also switch lenders just prior to your mortgage maturity date. Don’t let your current lender renew your mortgage if you are unhappy. Call us approximately 90 days before its maturity date and Moreira Team will help you shop for a better lender.



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