Florida Moving Day Tips



Moving to Florida? There are many things to look forward to, ranging from the vast wildlife, to the booming urban life and the temperate climate. But of course, the biggest highlight is your new house! If you are moving into a Florida home, we at Moreira Team would love to make it easier for you with our Florida moving day tips.


Here’s a summary of why you need them:

  • First and foremost they will make your moving stress-free. With our moving day tips, you will have a clear plan of action.
  • And with a good moving day plan, you will find it very easy to keep everyone on the same page.
  • You will not overlook the small things that might otherwise cost you a lot regarding time, money and effort.
  • They will help you save time and money


So what do our tips cover? We start from your old house. Whether you are hiring movers or doing it all by yourself, the place to begin is where you have been living. Consider giving your landlord a notice (if you are renting) well in advance. If you will be using a moving company make your booking in advance and then create a list of all your assets for insurance purposes.

If you are throwing away some things isolate them weeks before the moving day. Also, don’t forget to send a change of address notification to your bank, insurer, postal and courier companies, credit card company, relevant government authorities (like the IRS) and anyone else who sends you mails. Pay all the pending bills and start packing everything that you can survive the remaining days without.


Just prior to the moving day (a day or two before), make sure to disconnect your TV, phone, internet, power, and heating from the old house and reconnect them in the new one. Finish your packing and ensure that all the boxes and packs are labeled correctly.


On the moving day, turn everything off, lock the doors and windows and hand over the keys to the landlord. Accompany the moving vehicle and file every single receipt you get from them. Think the process is a tad bit hard? Call us, and we will help from start to finish.



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