Florida Jumbo Loan Refinance



You’re a Florida homeowner who financed your mortgage with a jumbo loan, and you’ve been making payments on a timely basis for a while now. But with the general economy always getting tough, you would like to get a way of reducing your monthly mortgage payments. Refinancing your jumbo loan can help you do just that.

And that is one of our specialties here at Moreira Team. We help jumbo mortgage holders to get lower interest rates and reduce their monthly mortgage payments. So talk to us and get an offer on our Florida jumbo loan refinance rates.

Should you refinance your jumbo mortgage right now? With the current Florida jumbo loan refinance rates looking appealing, it might make sense to refinance. But ultimately the decision should be influenced by an array of other things, including how long you plan to stay in the home and the reduction of interest rates.

Our jumbo mortgage experts insist that jumbo mortgage holders should take the breakeven point as the biggest influencer. That is the point where you will have recouped all the refinance costs from the savings you will make by paying lower monthly mortgage costs. It might take several months of even years for you to break even.

With that in mind, feel free to contact us, and we will help you determine your breakeven point. If it is in line with your short term and long term financial plans, our crew will help you get the best refinance deal in the state.



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