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With its 19,552,860 residents (2013 census), Florida is the fourth most populated state in the USA. And as you would expect the high population also translates to a high number of housing units – 9,047,612 in total. That makes it rather hard for homebuyers to shop for the best homes, particularly those who are not Florida-born and raised. But you can make the process easier for you by simply finding a Florida realtor. Here at Moreira Team, we have the best Florida realtors who will guide you through the whole house-buying process, one step at a time.

So what does a realtor bring to the table? First of all, you need to know that the roles of a Florida realtor are stipulated by the Florida Statute. And they are categorized into three primary functions: transaction broker, single agent or “no representation” status.

Most Florida realtors are in fact transaction brokers. That means they facilitate transactions between you and the seller to ensure that your house purchase deal closes amicably. But your relationship with the transaction broker is not fiduciary. That means they are not mandated to offer either party undivided loyalty. However, the Florida Statutes still requires them to be fully accountable for any funds, work with due diligence, honesty, care and will disclose any material information.

On the contrary, a single agent realtor is one who represents only one party (either the seller or buyer) and is a fiduciary to that party. So you as a buyer can hire your very own single agent realtor. Alternatively, you can opt to use a “no representation” realtor. This type of realtor will do all the things that a transaction broker does but only for you (not the seller). The relationship between the two of you will not be fiduciary, but at least you will get undivided attention.

Interested in hiring a realtor? Talk to us, and we will tell you which type of realtor suits you best. Find a realtor in Florida that’s right for you with our amazing offers.

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