Conditional Offer in Florida


If you enter a mortgage agreement where either you or the seller has to fulfill certain conditions before the transaction is completed, then you will have made a conditional offer. For example, you might want the seller to do all the necessary repairs to the house first. Or you might want to put your financial situation in order before you fully accept the offer.

While a conditional offer is good because it gives you time to put proper plans in place, most sellers will not tie up the property for long. That is especially true in Florida where there is a high demand for houses. But if you have a knowledgeable and experienced Florida realtor, you will be better placed to buy some time and eventually get that dream home. And that is exactly what we are here to do for you. Our team will review all the conditions to ensure that they favor you and then negotiate with the seller to tie up the property for you.

We understand that buying a dream home is a dream in itself. And you certainly don’t want to mess up the process and end up with a raw deal. Thanks to our highly experienced staff, we can get you a conditional offer and then buy you some time to: 1) make better financial plans, 2) inspect the property and ensure that it is what you want, 3) seek family approval, 4) gather more objective opinions from appraisers, attorneys and other experts and 5) allow the seller to do repairs. Other than those, we can also get you out of an unfavorable conditional offer that you have already made.

At Moreira Team, we only offer the best conditional offer in Florida. So talk to us today, and we will be the much-needed bridge between you and your dream home.


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