Florida Buying a House


As is the case anywhere else in the country, interest rates play a major role in Florida’s real estate market. Other than motivating or demotivating buyers from borrowing, it also influences lenders’ willingness to lend and sellers’ willingness to sell. Generally, it wouldn’t be wise for you to get a mortgage loan when interest rates are very high. That is particularly true if they are expected to drop in the short to mid-term.

Unfortunately, many homebuyers in Florida are not exactly experts in predicting interest rates. But thanks to our team of real estate experts, Moreira Team can help if you’re in Florida buying a house. Our analysts keep detailed information of the current and expected home buying rates to help buyers make an informed choice. Take advantage today by simply contacting us.

You may want to know that Florida is currently enjoying historically low rates. If you make your purchase right now, you will pay a lot less than if you wait. It is more likely that the rates will only go up. And while lenders will be even more willing to lend at higher rates, their only incentive will be you paying more interest on a dollar.

That is to say now is the best time to plan your purchase before the rates shoot up again. Talk to us, and we will prepare a comprehensive quote with current and expected Florida interest rates. You will be surprised at how much you stand to save by purchasing your house today.



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