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Flamingo Gardens

Travel to the northwestern end of Miramar, Florida to see the Flamingo Gardens. Experience firsthand the beauty of the flamingo at this grand aviary. Watch as these pink-hued birds move around in groups while heading out to shallow bodies of water. The environment inside the gardens has been beautiful arranged to include many palms and rocky bodies to simulate a natural environment that such birds can be found in.

See other birds around the aviary in Miramar, FL including the white and brown pelicans. Check out the five different ecosystems represented around the venue and see how the avian life varies in each place.

See other animals all around the gardens near the City of Miramar. Look for Florida panthers and bobcats as well as alligators. These animals are all housed in their own individual habitats that highlight all the natural surroundings that they are often familiar with. Learn about how these habitats function and what conditions are right for these animals.

Travel to the tropical plant house to see many exotic plants on full display. From flowering orchids to towering palms, the plants are carefully studied to understand how they can grow and thrive in a number of environments.