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Buehler Planetarium

Take a trip along the stars at the Buehler Planetarium. This is a prominent observatory in Davie, Florida that is open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The planetarium consists of a large telescope located in the middle of a patio observatory. It is located at Broward College’s central campus and is the only planetarium in the City of Davie or Broward County that is open to the public.

Learn about stars in a larger than life environment. The planetarium’s domed theater features a number of shows and displays. The theater is about 40 feet in diameter and has enough space to show a number of beautiful constellations, patterns and stars. The shows include highlights of many celestial discoveries and is regularly updated to highlight some of the newest discoveries that have come about.

Enjoy daytime and nighttime shows where the large planetarium telescope works to identify various beautiful stars and other items from far off in space. Discover various stars and learn from the experts on how stars are formed and what they consist of.

Walk to the patio area and use one of the many telescopes on site. Use one of these to find different constellations and other bodies over Davie, FL.