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Ocmulgee National Monument

See where much of civilization in the state of Georgia began at the Ocmulgee National Monument. The monument in Macon, Georgia is a protected site that is home to several spaces that were once occupied by natives of the country.

Travel along the many mounds in this part of the City of Macon. See the Great Temple Mound and a number of other important mounds including a carefully preserved burial mound. Many of these mounds have been formed over the course of nearly ten thousand years. Notice some of the trenches that were built by natives as a means of defending their land masses.

After touring the area, travel to the main museum at the monument site. You’ll see thousands of preserved artifacts found throughout the area. These include remnants of old buildings and various tools that were used in the region. This museum in Macon, GA highlights tools dating back to the Ice Age as well as a few items dating back to the Spanish contact of the sixteenth century.

Head into the Earth Lodge located inside one of the mounds. Learn more about the earth in the region and see the fireplace that was utilized by natives in the region.