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Norton Museum of Art

See the world of art at the largest museum in Florida, the Norton Museum of Art. Look at thousands of the nearly 7,000 pieces in the museum’s collection in West Palm Beach, FL. The artworks represent many parts of history and show the evolution of art in all of its forms. Look for not only great oil and watercolor pieces but also some sculptures featuring unique physical designs.

Tour the City of West Palm Beach museum and observe pieces of art from various generations. Start at the ground level and see the modern American art pieces. Move up to the second floor to see eighteenth and nineteenth century European pieces. Much of the museum focuses on American and French works of art.

See a few Buddhist sculptures around the West Palm Beach, Florida museum. These include statues in many sizes with some of them being exact replicas of statues featured in important Buddhist temples. These are designed as a means of celebrating Buddha, the key figure of the faith.

Look for art classes at the museum. Adults and children alike can take part in art classes including ones dedicated to studying art and how to improve upon one’s artistic skills.