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New River North Fork

Enjoy the easy life along the New River North Fork. Rent a boat, canoe or kayak and sail or paddle along the northern end of this river that eventually links up to Fort Lauderdale. Go through Sunrise, FL and many other places around the region.

Take a ride around Sunrise, Florida as you see many sights in the region. Look for the old Art Deco homes that line the river plus the many beautiful palm trees. Catch sights of many important attractions around the region like the Central Broward Regional Park and Uncle Bernie’s Amusement Park. Head under I-95 as you keep moving east.

Check to see where fishing is allowed as you go around the river. Fishing is available around certain parts of the river although the rules on what you can and cannot catch will vary by each spot. Ask government offices in the City of Sunrise or other areas to get information on fishing rules in the region.

End your trip on the river as you reach the Tarpon River. You could also go south onto the southern fork of the New River if desired. The waters are calm no matter where you go so enjoy a nice ride along the region.