Georgia Mortgage EBooks



Are you a Georgia homebuyer or homeowner? Grab these EBooks and get all the mortgage information you need at your fingertips. Here is a summary of what you will find in our Georgia mortgage EBooks:

Getting started: we cover everything that you need to know from the moment you start thinking of owning a home to when you start applying for a mortgage. The books cover the various types of homes, how to shop for a house, visiting neighborhoods, hiring a realtor, getting a property appraised and inspected, shopping for a lender, making an offer and much more.

The mortgage process: here you will learn what lenders look at when doing mortgage underwriting. We have handy tips on how to qualify for a mortgage, regardless of the amount you need. We also explain the various roles of the people you will work with during the mortgage process.

Closing a home purchase: arguably the best part of the home buying process. Learn what it takes to finally make that home yours. Georgia has very particular regulations with regards to closing a house purchase. You certainly need to know all of them.

Making mortgage payments: your mortgage doesn’t end when you get the keys to the house. There are payments to think of. Our books delve into the various variables that make up your monthly mortgage payments. There are many tips on how you can keep track of the market and know when to refinance for lower interest rates. We also have a lot of information on ways of ensuring you raise your mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure, no matter how tough the economy is.

You definitely don’t want to miss on these priceless EBooks. Despite all the information they have, Moreira Team is giving out all Georgia mortgage EBooks free of charge. We believe in empowering homeowners and homebuyers for a better Georgia and America. Want to know more about our EBooks and writers? Give us a call or send an email.



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