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Morris Museum of Art

Look for some of the most important pieces of art in Georgia at the Morris Museum of Art. This attractive place in Augusta, GA is home to many works of art from southern artists. There are thousands of works of art held in the Morris collection. These include art pieces from figures around all of Georgia and South Carolina among other southern areas.

The various works at the museum highlight the impressive development of the American South through art. It looks at the culture and history of the region and how it has evolved over the years. The depictions of the south as illustrated in these works make this one of the most interesting places to visit while in the City of Augusta.

See the different works as they are divided in a variety of sections. There is one section dedicated to Civil War art as well as another that highlights distinct landscapes. Still life and impressionist paintings are also highlighted around the museum.

Visit one of the many exhibitions that are hosted by the museum in Augusta, Georgia throughout the year. The museum has a number of exhibits from many traveling artists and groups highlighting works of art from many professionals.