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Moody Air Force Base

Explore the United States Air Force at the Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA. This base is hold to the 23d Wing of the Air Force. The base focuses on training pilots and soldiers for search and rescue operations.

Visit the museum on the base campus in Valdosta, Georgia to learn about the history of the base. See how the base was utilized during World War II and how it continues to host a number of fighter and rescue groups. Learn about what the 23d Wing does as well as the 347th and 563d Rescue Groups.

Learn about the different planes and combat vehicles that have been utilized at the base over the years. You will see numerous photos and replicas of different planes and vehicles as you tour the museum at the base in the City of Valdosta.

The base is home to various open house events and other activities during a good part of the year although some spaces are off limits to the public. You can find plenty of appealing things to see while at the Moody base whether you are interested in aviation history or you want to learn more ab out the United States Air Force.