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Monkey Jungle

Learn about the world of primates and see many of them in action at the Monkey Jungle in Homestead, FL. See many endangered species on display at this park that has been in operation since 1933.

Look around the beautiful simulated rainforest areas of the park in Homestead, Florida. See how the monkeys thrive in these rainforest regions that designed to be just like the places they naturally live in.

Watch for many types of monkeys and other primates in the park. The park houses various endangered monkeys and raises them in a strong care and breeding program to protect them from extinction. Learn about how these monkeys act and how they are similar to humans in various ways.

Tour the artifact museum and see many bones and other items relating to the history of primates and how they have thrived over the years. Some of these artifacts in the City of Homestead museum are close to 10,000 years in age.

Find out about various projects and studies at the park. Look at various scientific and lab studies dedicated to understanding how monkeys interact with each other and how their bodies work. This includes looking into understand how these animals mate with each other.