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Lowry Park Zoo

Go east of Town ‘n’ Country, FL to the Lowry Park Zoo. The 63-acre zoo has more than a thousand animals from all parts of the world.

Visit many individual sections including separate African and Asian wings. Look for komodo dragons, leopards, tigers, African elephants, zebras and giraffes among many others in the City of Town ‘n’ Country.

Go indoors to the primate house and see gibbons, tamarins and mandrills. Watch as exotic birds fly from one tropical plant to the next at the aviary. See Australian animals like fox bats and koalas in a section devoted to the unique environment and ecosystem of Australia.

Take the kids to the special rides at the Town ‘n’ Country, Florida zoo. Have them cool off at the splash area or go on a ride on the train that moves through the entire zoo area. Go to the crocodile exhibit and take a ride on the log flume. The zoo also has a miniature roller coaster designed especially for kids.

Visit the manatee hospital on the zoo grounds. Learn about how these mammals are rehabilitated and treated for injuries. See how socialization functions work for orphaned manatees and how their diets are supported.