Case Study #4 – Relocating on a Tight Schedule

This was my first time buying a house and I was very nervous. I am excited to say Timothy and his team at Moreira was a great help in taking that anxiety away. When I needed help with anything along the way, Timothy and his team were ready to jump in to assist.

I called the Moreira Team while I lived in Mississippi making the transition to Georgia and was helped by Timothy Endress the same day. We completed the necessary information to get my preapproval with a single call and by the following week, I put an offer in on a property. All the forms I signed were easy to understand and the few things I had questions about he helped with immediately. The closing was smooth and easy, a lot less stressful than I thought. Everyone I worked with through the process were very knowledgeable in their respective areas.

I highly recommend Timothy Endress and his team and will use them again if opportunity arises.

Ireta H.Ireta H.

The Client

Our client was relocating for work and had to buy quickly.

  • Loan Type – Purchase 
  • Program – Conventional 5% Relocation Loan 
  • Sales Price – $275,000 
  • Rate – 3.75% 
  • Required Down Payment – 5% ($13,750) 
  • Payment – $1,607  

Client Requirement

The client received a job offer and wanted to purchase a home quickly. Because of her new job, she would be relocating to metro Atlanta. Since she would be selling her current home, moving across the country and purchasing new home, all at the same, the transition needed to be smooth. She had a firm start date and needed help coming up with a detailed plan to make it all happen.

Loan Challenges

There were several challenges to overcome on this file since it was a complex situation with several moving parts and very specific timelines to meet.

The Challenges

  • Sell a primary residence and purchase a new home in a different city on the same day.
  • Quickly secure financing and find a home to purchase in order to meet her new job start date. 
  • Provide information about the areas she wanted to live in a new city.

Our Solution

After speaking with the client at length about her wants and needs we came up with a detailed action plan. We pre-approved her the within 24 hrs using the offer letter from her current home. We also referred her to a realtor partner. She was able to start searching for her new home and start learning about the best area to live based on her lifestyle.

The Results

By talking with the client and figuring out her situation, we were able to come up with a plan of attack to get her out of her old house and into a new one as quick as possible. By connecting her with a trusted Realtor partner she was able to find a great home in a great location. She was able to sell her home and move across the country into her new place all in time to start her new job.

  • Client was able to relocate to metro Atlanta to start her new job on time. 
  • We were able to secure a low rate with an affordable payment to keep her housing expense within her budget.
  • We closed in just 29 days from contract date.