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IMAG History and Science Center

Bring the kids over to the IMAG History and Science Center while in the City of Fort Myers. Short for the Imaginarium, this is an entertaining space where kids of all ages can learn about science, weather and many other fascinating topics. With more than sixty exhibits on display, there are certainly many things for kids to explore and learn about while out here.

See a vast variety of exhibits dedicated to many aspects of history. These include exhibits dedicated to dinosaurs and how their fossils are found and analyzed. Learn about local wildlife at various additional spaces around the Fort Myers, FL museum. These include various small animals that can be found in different spots all around the city and state. Numerous life-size models of different animals can be found all around the place.

Learn about the great world of science at this museum in Fort Myers, Florida. Explore the exhibits dedicated to nanotechnology and weather. Learn about how weather situations can evolve and change over time and how forecasters and meteorologists are able to predict what the weather will be in the future. Various hands-on exhibits guide kids through many fascinating lessons about how science works and how it has changed over the years.