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Harry P. Leu Gardens

Go to the shores of Lake Rowena in the City of Orlando and relax at the beautiful tropical masses of the Harry P. Leu Gardens. The garden has impressed people since the late nineteenth century.

Visit the various gardens and see thousands of annuals and perennials. See how the plants are designed to survive the distinct climate of Central Florida. Come back regularly as the plants are replaced every four months to keep the Orlando, Florida gardens beautiful.

Look for the smaller habitats around the garden. These spots feature bamboo plants, azaleas, conifers and many others. Several sections of the gardens are designed without various beautiful plants in mind.

Travel around the buildings surrounding the entire garden space. Look for the old cottage and tour the classic building. Look around to see how people in the region lived during the turn of the century. Take in gardening classes held at the cottage during the spring and summer seasons and see how you can make your garden stand out like the ones here.

Visit the old cemetery in this Orlando, FL garden. The cemetery includes graves of many people who owned the park space. Some of them date back to right before the Civil War began.