VA Refinance in Georgia



You’ve gotten your mortgage, you’ve been making your payments, and now you’re wondering if it make sense to refinance. You’re in a situation where your finances are stable, you can afford to pay a little more monthly, and are looking to pay off your mortgage quicker or benefit in a number of other ways.

By opting for a VA refinance in Georgia, you can help shorten your existing 30 year VA loan to a new 15 year VA refinance loan with larger monthly payments. As you will be paying more per month, you stand to clear the loan quickly, and also save money which you would have unnecessarily spent on interest.

If your credit rating has improved, you might even be eligible for a lower interest rate on your new mortgage, saving you even more money.

Another common reason for active military personnel and veterans to consider refinancing their VA loan is because they plan to update or renovate their property. Maybe you want to expand, re do the roof, or upgrade your kitchen. When you refinance, you can use the equity in your home for a VA refinance cash out loan, giving you access to extra cash for you to use as you see fit.

With many options for refinancing, it can get complicated finding out which one is right for you. If you need a little help, or have any questions, we’d be happy to explore your options, discuss the differences between a VA Refinance Cash out loan or a VA Refinance Streamline loan, and see what option is right for you.



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