Mortgage Pre-Approval in Georgia



You have found your dream home in Georgia and now just can’t wait to find a lender and start the mortgage loan process. The last thing you want to happen now is your mortgage application getting rejected. No one needs this extra hang up when trying to buy the home of their dreams.


The best way to avoid any form of rejection is by first getting a mortgage pre-approval from your lender. This way you will be able to know how much you can borrow, and which lender will most likely sanction your loan for you.


Your mortgage pre-approval depends on various factors, and basically your total income that is divided by credit report payments and your new mortgage payment. Once you receive a mortgage pre-approval, it’s valid for 60 days and ensures you have a financier ready for you when you find your perfect home.


Getting a mortgage pre-approval in Georgia before you start looking for your home, and not after finding it, can exponentially speed up the process of purchasing a home. Realtors will also want to see a mortgage pre-approval letter before showing you available properties.


A mortgage pre-approval helps you make fast and confident offers, knowing exactly how much your budget allows for. Keep in mind though that a mortgage pre-approval does not mean the automatic guarantee of your loan, it just guarantees that you have a lender ready to finance your home.


Let us help you get started with your pre-approval application, answering any questions or concerns you might have. Start by filling out our online mortgage pre-approval application, which one of our licensed mortgage advisors will review and decide how much you will be able to borrow. When you take the time to line up all your ducks in a row, everything tends to fall into place.


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