FHA Loan in Georgia

Georgia has slightly over 3.28 million housing units, most of which are single, detached units. A whopping 60% of the houses are valued at between $50,000 and $149,999. To put that in perspective, the second most popular houses in terms of value are worth $150,000 to $199,999, and they account for a mere 13.3%.

Why are those statistics important to homebuyers? Well, they show that housing is not beyond the reach of an average American in Georgia. In fact, it is one of the most affordable places to own a home. Which explains why many Georgia homebuyers prefer to take out a FHA mortgage loan. Its limit is sufficient to finance the purchase of an elegant home in Georgia. And we are here to help you do exactly that. With our team of dedicated mortgage experts ready to serve you, FHA loan application has never been easier. Contact us, and we will get you the best FHA loan in Georgia.

And you won’t even need a lot for your application to be approved. The FHA only requires some type of proof that you are capable of repaying the mortgage. Although applicants with a credit score of 640 and above have a better chance at qualification, we have top-notch negotiators who can talk to lenders and get you a FHA loan even with a score of 580. But keep in mind that you will need to make at least 3.5% down payment. That should not worry you much because we can give you access to a variety of mortgage assistance programs within Georgia. Give us a call today and take advantage of our fantastic Georgia mortgage services and offers.