Conventional Mortgage in Georgia


Should you choose a government-insured loan or a conventional loan? That is one of the most important decisions that every Georgia homebuyer has to ponder over. While each type comes with unique perks, you should keep in mind that the real estate market is very dynamic. Whatever works for someone else today might not necessarily be right for you tomorrow. Which is why our staff at Moreira Team is always up to date with the latest Georgia real estate trends. We will help you determine whether a conventional mortgage is right for you at the moment. Contact us today for the most recent conventional mortgage quotes in Georgia.

For the sake of those who don’t know what a conventional mortgage is, simply put, it is a mortgage that is not insured by the government. Mortgage programs like the USDA, VA, and FHA are all government-backed. Any other mortgage loan is not. Which makes it a conventional mortgage.

Georgia’s real estate market was mostly inactive since 2008 to 2016. But a recent increase in demand has seen lenders introduce highly tailored conventional loans to suit different homebuyers. And they come with several benefits.

For instance, conventional loans are available for a variety of property types, including investment properties and secondary homes. In some cases, you will actually pay less for a conventional loan compared to a government-backed loan. Add that to the fact that your monthly payments won’t include FHA insurance premiums and you will see why some Georgia homeowners prefer conventional mortgages.

So is a conventional mortgage right for you? We can help you determine that. Reach us today and see how much you stand to save by taking out a conventional mortgage loan. We only have the best conventional mortgage in Georgia for our esteemed customers.


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