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Fort King Site

Honor the history of the United States military at the site of Fort King in Ocala, Florida. The old fort has been torn down but the space it was at is designated with a historical marker. Walk around the area to find the old locations of many important spaces that made Fort King one of the most important sites in the City of Ocala.

Travel through the forested area of the Fort King site to see the old footprints of the fort. Look for the markings of the fort that was built in the 1820s during a conflict between the country and the Seminole tribe.

Find the rock that lists a burying ground for many who died during the Seminole War. Some of the burial spaces have never been dug up, thus meaning that there are still a few old soldiers buried in the region. Honor their legacies at this distinct memorial site in Ocala, FL.

Look around the various mounds surrounding the site. Some of these are spots where indigenous tribes had reservations and settlements at before colonization took place. Some of these spots are believed to have been populated at least five thousand years ago and are among the more interesting spaces in the city.