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Everglades Holiday Park

Get on an airboat and see the wildlife of the Florida Everglades at the Everglades Holiday Park. Located right outside Weston, FL, this park is a site that features up close views of alligators and other animals that call the Everglades home.

See how the wetlands of the Everglades are built and what makes them conducive for native life. Observe the plants and see how wading birds and reptiles thrive in the region. Look for bald eagles and egrets in the sky or otters around the water.

Watch an alligator show at the main park space near the City of Weston. Many of the alligators on display have been rescued from harmful conditions or are being rehabilitated following injuries. Learn about how they are treated and what procedures keep them protected and safe.

Get to the fishing area of the park to see how many bass fish you can find. Take part in one of the special tournaments where people aim to catch the largest bass fish in the region. See if you can get a fish that weighs twenty pounds or more. Don’t forget to travel to the marsh areas during duck hunting season to see what you can find.