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Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Explore the old winter homes of two of the greatest minds in American history in Fort Myers, Florida. The Edison and Ford Winter Estates are located on a 21-acre land mass in the City of Fort Myers. These are two turn of the century properties that were used by Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Take a tour of the two estates and see how these iconic thinkers lived. Walk around to see how their properties were organized. Many of the items inside the homes are original pieces of furniture and art that they once owned.

See the large garden space that was partially prepared by Mina Edison. The garden includes hundreds of different flowers that come in many colors and shapes. Many of these plants around the gardens in Fort Myers, FL have been imported from different parts of the world for planting purposes. Look for the bamboo plants as they are items that were planted with the intention of getting materials for light bulb filaments.

See the old rubber laboratory near Edison’s estate. This is a space where he studied how rubber is formed as a means of aiming to reduce the country’s reliance on other countries for rubber.