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Young at Art Museum

Take your kids to the Young at Art Museum while in Davie, FL. This is a museum in Davie that educates kids about the world of art. It houses a number of classes and camps where kids can learn about art and build on their art making skills. Have your kids create their own art pieces at the museum as they discover what makes this discipline appealing.

Visit the exhibits at the Davie, Florida museum and learn about how art works in many forms. Individual exhibits are dedicated to understanding the diverse artistic cultures of the world. One section is all about understanding how greenscapes are produced. There is also an exhibit on how imaginative thought works to create intriguing ideas. Various artists have contributed a number of works to the museum. Travel around the museum to learn about how art has evolved and what makes it a distinct activity for anyone to get into.

Bring the kids to different classes and other activities around this museum in the City of Davie. It includes programs for kids and teens alike. The museum also has a library where kids can learn about many figures in art history and to identify how many forms of art are produced.