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Tallahassee Museum

See everything the Big Bend that links the Florida Panhandle with the rest of the Sunshine State has to offer at the Tallahassee Museum. Visit the museum in Tallahassee, Florida to learn about the history of the area. Exhibits relating to the natural scenes around the City of Tallahassee are included at the museum.

See the old farm featuring houses and buildings from the late nineteenth century. Look for the garden and farm buildings. Some of those buildings still have a few animals being taken care of in those spots. Look for the old turpentine factory. Look for other buildings around the Old Florida region of the museum including a classic mansion and an old school for black residents in the early twentieth century.

Observe the exhibit in Tallahassee, FL that highlights many animals found around the state. Learn about how to identify snakes of all kinds. Learn about the Florida panther and red wolf, two common animals in the region that are also endangered.

Catch many works of local art at the Phipps Gallery. These art pieces include many classic and modern works that depict life around Florida including scenes of various animals that call the beautiful state home.