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Sarasota Jungle Gardens

You don’t have to travel to the Amazon to see beautiful jungle creatures and plants. Just head to the City of Sarasota to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens where many impressive lifeforms can be found in. This outstanding land space features a series of plants found in many jungle settings. Travel around nearly ten acres of space where banana trees, royal palms and fig trees can be found around.

See some of the old banana grove plants in the region. A few of these plants in the City of Sarasota date back to the 1920s when the gardens were used as a grove for growing bananas.

Look for exotic and native animals alike at the gardens. Find butterflies, pelicans and many other appealing birds and insects. The area is fully protected and features comfortable habitats for all types of jungle animals to fly and run around in.

Bring the kids over to the park during the summer or winter seasons. The summer season hosts many day camps where kids can learn about plants and animals. The winter season features special holiday events including stage shows and presentations devoted to showing how well tropical and jungle plants can last through the winter. rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”