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Ritz Theatre and Museum

Learn about black history and culture in Jacksonville, FL as you visit the Ritz Theatre and Museum. Enjoy an entertaining music performance at the main theater hall. Grab your seat and catch a show in an intimate venue that fits around 400 people. Check the schedule for the theater to find different music, theater and movie events and even dance activities. There are always special events featuring local and touring performances throughout the whole year.

Visit the museum on the theater site to learn about the expansive history of black culture in Jacksonville, Florida. Learn about how the LaVilla region that the theater is located in was once considered to be Florida’s own version of Harlem. Read old stories and see photos and videos of many great performances that have come through the City of Jacksonville over the years. Explore how music has evolved and how culture has developed over time.

Step back in time when you enter into the museum and theater. The Art Deco theater was built in 1929 and has various open arch patterns on the top area and a classic stone layout. The design harkens back to the days of old music clubs and movie palaces.