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Pollo Tropical

Enjoy a fine meal at the flagship Pollo Tropical restaurant in Kendall, FL. While there are nearly 150 Pollo Tropical locations around the country, this location in Kendall, Florida is the original site. Have a good meal in a fast casual environment that focuses on intricately prepared meals that are ready in little time. Each meal in this Kendall restaurant is made with an extreme focus on fresh ingredients and quality meats. Head over to the restaurant and take in a quick meal with no reservations required for your order.

Try out one of the various Caribbean meals at the restaurant in the City of Kendall. These include all sorts of grilled chicken entrees. The foods are carefully spiced and mixed with a number of tropical juices to add a distinct flavor. Try the yellow rice and black beans as they go perfectly with many of the meals here.

Experience some more unique foods while at this Pollo Tropical location. As its flagship spot, this place often introduces many of its newest entrees here before taking them to other locations. See what new meals are available and try them out. Your opinions and tastes could influence the restaurant’s future menu.