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Murphey Candler Park

Enjoy a relaxing time at the Murphey Candler Park. This is a 135-acre park in Brookhaven, Georgia that is home to a large lake and a number of activity fields dedicated to numerous sports.

Take in a fishing trip at the Murphey Park lake. Find all sorts of native fish in the lake including largemouth bass, catfish and bluegill. Various boats are available for rental. Travel along the dam at the lake that keeps this large body of water intact and filled.

Bring the kids to one of the many great recreational fields available for all members of the family to enjoy. These fields in Brookhaven, GA include a number of baseball and football pitches. A playground and a swimming pool are also on site. Many of the fields are home to community sporting activities. The Atlanta Colts Youth Association particularly offers youth football activities including some flag football events with many of those events held at the park’s main football field.

Relax along one of the walking paths at the park in the City of Brookhaven. There are a number of paths that go along the body of the lake. Check out some of the picnic areas as well.