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Mercer House

Explore the mystery of the Mercer House if you’re brave enough for it. This 1860s house in Savannah, Georgia is available for tours and is heavily believed to be haunted.

Observe the quaint brick design of the house and its beautiful trees and shrubs all around. But what makes this part of Savannah, GA appealing is also something that hides its dark history.

Learn about the interesting stories of death at the house. In 1913, one person tripped and fell off of the second floor of the building, dying a few days later. In 1969, a boy fell off the roof and was impaled on the iron fence outside the building.

But it is the story of Jim Williams that makes the Mercer House a noteworthy space in the City of Savannah. A preservationist in the region, Williams lived in the home when in 1981 his assistant Danny Hansford was murdered in the house. Although Williams was never found guilty, he was tried for the murder four times.

The stories of death at the Mercer House continue to intrigue people to this day. Author John Berendt was especially inspired by the stories of the house to write the famous book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Tour the Mercer House to learn about the intrigue of the house.

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