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Matheson History Museum

Head to the Matheson History Museum while you are in Gainesville, Florida. Travel around the complex to see many buildings that are important to the City of Gainesville.

Tour the museum and see many exhibits and artifacts. These include an old canoe from the area dating back by about 1,500 years in the past. Many other pieces relating to the long history of Gainesville and the state of Florida can be found around the museum.

Explore the rustic body of the Tison Tool Barn. This part of the museum complex in Gainesville, FL features a large collection of old tools. Look at some of the earliest tools to have been used in electrical projects and how they have been carefully preserved.

Visit the library on site. Established inside a former restaurant building, this library building has numerous records relating to the development of the state of Florida. Read or listen to many oral records that are found around the building to get a clear idea of many points relating to how the state has evolved.

Walk over to the side of the museum area to see the original Matheson House. The pre-Civil War home features a Classic Revival cottage arrangement that was used by a former mayor of the city.