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Marietta Square

As you head into Marietta, Georgia, enjoy a bit of time at the Marietta Square. This large park space is considered to be the main center of the city. It is right on the site of an old militia training ground that was used during the Civil War. The square is popular with all family members as it includes many exciting arts and entertainment activities for kids plus various market and dining experiences for adults.

Enjoy shopping at one of many great local market spaces at Marietta Square. Numerous food and arts vendors from around the City of Marietta sell their wares at the square throughout the year. You can also participate in the Marietta Food Tour, a special activity that takes you along many of the restaurants that make Marietta, GA famous.

Enjoy one of the many music shows at the Marietta Square. Numerous music performances are held throughout the year at the square.

Travel to one of the art galleries located around Marietta Square. These galleries focus on modern art works from many local artists although they also include a few classic paintings and reprints. Enjoy one of the many art and creativity seminars held around the region throughout the year at the square.