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Lion Country Safari

Bring your vehicle out to explore some of the most exotic animals in the world at the Lion Country Safari. Located on around 600 acres of land scape in West Palm Beach, FL, this is a zoo where numerous animals roam around in the open.

Drive through the park’s many roads to see zebras, giraffes and many other distinct African animals. Be careful as many of these animals can freely move along the roads.

Go through the individual exhibits of this West Palm Beach, FL attraction. See the plains where ostriches and wildebeests roam. Look for water buffaloes at the forest. See the tapir, impala and aoudad among others around the wetlands.

Look for the numerous primate island spaces around the safari spot. The spaces are linked to each other to simulate the natural propensity of such primates to roam around many spots.

Don’t expect to get too close to a lion though. The lions are all protected in a secure habitat to ensure they do not get to close to anyone’s car.

Take one of the tour CDs to play inside your car as you drive through this place in the City of West Palm Beach. Use it to learn more about the animals you come across. Just make sure you don’t roll your windows down. Also, if you have a convertible, keep the top up.