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Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Follow Lake Kanapaha around the City of Gainesville to one of the most beautiful spaces in the state of Florida, the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. See more than sixty acres of botanical spaces featuring various plants. The gardens focus mainly on native plans but they also feature a few foreign items gathered from many parts of the country.

Look for the vast bamboo plants around the gardens. Watch how they climb up and how they can grow quickly and loom over the fields.

See one of the largest herb gardens in the world. This garden in Gainesville, FL features dozens of different plants that are carefully grown and cultivated. Learn how they are prepared and how they are carefully maintained as a means of growing the largest possible plants.

Marvel at the many individual gardens dedicated to specific types of plants. Enjoy the many hues and colors of the rose garden or the detailed blossoms of the azalea garden. Find various butterflies and other beautiful native creatures around the dedicated butterfly garden.

Find various birds around the region. Dozens of different kinds of birds have been spotted around the garden, thus making it one of the most appealing places for birding in Gainesville, Florida.